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HB.com is dedicated to providing information and resources for your home business. We're new, so please bookmark us and return to see additional content to help you start, manage and grow your home business.

There are 4 major stages in the life-cycle of a home business. They are:

  1. Planning: In this stage, you engage in research in order to come up with a viable business plan.
  2. Starting Up: During this phase, you make some key decisions consistent with your business plan, including business structure, naming/branding, financing, and obtaining any necessary licenses or permits.
  3. Growing and Managing: Most of the lifetime of your business is in this stage, namely growing and managing the operations of the business in line with your business plan. This includes making any changes to your business plan as circumstances warrant.
  4. Exiting the Business: Every business plan should have an exit strategy. This might include selling the business, passing it on to other members of your family, or if things go wrong, liquidation and bankruptcy.

We hope that the articles on this website will assist you in each of these stages of your home business.


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